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informed healthcare solutions how it works woman using laptopSimply complete and submit the forms provided and we will then reply to you either via phone or email. Depending on the information provided you may be redirected to our partner website Medical Aid Experts by Rockfin Wealth Management. We do request that you provide us with your monthly household income as we use this to determine the most affordable cover & benefits for you. We have a wide range of products on offer and our accredited financial advisers are available to discuss your needs according to your budget.

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Medical Aid Gap Cover Made Easy!

medical aid gap cover doctor with babyMembers of almost all medical aid schemes run the risk of expensive shortfalls for their own account each time they or their dependent are hospitalised or have to undergo certain out of hospital treatments. Medical Aid Gap Cover pays out for unforeseen costs for the services provided by Specialists, General Practitioners and medical professionals during the period of hospitalisation (T&C’s apply).

What is Medical Aid Gap Cover?

Medical Aid Gap Cover, such as Ambledown, Sirago and Stratum, is the realistic type of gap cover insurance designed to insure medical aid scheme members against incurring these enormous cash outlays not covered by your medical aid scheme (T&C’s apply). Allow Informed Healthcare Solutions to assist you in choosing the correct medical aid top up plan to fit your budget. We have a wide range of affordable Gap Cover products to suit you or your whole family.

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Some medical expenses covered by Gap Cover:

  • Tariff shortfalls.
  • Co-payments and deductibles.
  • Penalty Co-Payment.
  • Shortfalls from sub-limits.
  • T&C’s apply.

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We are contracted to:

free ambledown medical aid gap cover quotes company logoAmbledown Financial Services (PTY) Ltd Gap Cover products protect Medical Scheme individual’s or families.
free sirago medical aid gap cover quotes company logoSirago Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd offers a variety of Gap Cover solutions tailored for the South African market.
free stratum medical aid gap cover quotes company logoStratum Benefits (Pty) Ltd offers affordable Medical Aid Gap Cover products for families & businesses.

How Medical Aid Gap Cover works?

Below are some examples to show where Gap Cover will pay out:

Rand amounts displayed are for example purposes only.
Procedure Cost Medical Aid Payout Shortfall Gap Claim
Appendectomy R43,500.00 R30,200. R13,300.00 R13,300.00
Caesarean Section R38,050.00 R24,000.00 R12,050.00 R12,050.00
Coronary Bypass R350,300.00 R285,000.00 R65,300.00 R65,300.00

Are you a pensioner?

medical aid gap coverPensioners and seniors should take advantage of the “72+ years” Gap Cover Packages available. Gap Cover Seniors is an Insurance product that provides cover for individuals and their spouse for the shortfall (Gap) resulting from any Medical Practitioner charging above the Medical Scheme Tariff for incidents that necessitate hospitalisation. They can then enjoy the reassurance that should medical costs not be covered by their medical aid, Medical Aid Gap Cover will step in and take care of these expenses.

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What our customers have to say:

Gap Cover is the one debit order I don’t mind seeing on my account. It has saved me literally thousands of Rands over the years and I highly recommend it.
L. Baum
I found Gap Cover to be the most unbelievable product. We have had 3 kids since using this product and they have covered all the relevant expenses. It is definitely the best value for money insurance product out there.
D. Goldstein
I am happy that Brian Shirk has encouraged me to take up my gap cover policy, I feel secure in the knowledge that I will not be limited to a lower rate than that charged by a specialist in hospital.
D. Wright