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medical aid comparisons how it works woman using laptopSimply complete and submit the forms provided and we will then reply to you either via phone or email. Depending on the information provided you may be redirected to our partner website Medical Aid Experts by Rockfin Wealth Management. We do request that you provide us with your monthly household income as we use this to determine the most affordable cover & benefits for you. We have a wide range of products on offer and our accredited financial advisers are available to discuss your needs according to your budget.

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Medical Aid Comparisons Made Easy!

medical aid comparisons doctor selecting iconsInformed Healthcare Solutions makes it easier for you to choose the most reliable and affordable medical aid scheme. By simply filling in and submitting the Medical Aid Comparisons quote form provided, we will go ahead and generate quotes for any number of medical aid options that suit your budget. The Medical Aid Comparisons are then sent to you in an easy to compare spreadsheet, displayed in a tabulated format for easy medical aid comparisons.
Why Request Medical Aid Quotes From IHS:

  • Your quote will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • More than 25 years experience in the Medical Aid industry.
  • We will secure the best possible Medical Aid Cover for you and submit the required documentation.
This not only makes life easier for you to get health cover that you can afford, but it also saves you the time of doing medial aid comparisons research yourself.
Top 3 Reasons to have a Medical Aid:

  • You get the best medical care when you need it most.
  • All our medical schemes offer quick payment systems.
  • In case of chronic illness or accident your family will be protected.
Please note – we outsource certain advice processes, and if appropriate, you may receive alternative products to consider.

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Please note – Oxygen has merged with Medshield Medical Aid. Resolution Health & SpectraMed have combined to form Health Squared Medical Aid.
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Types of Medical Aid:

Hospital Plan

A Hospital Plan will cover all the services provided in a hospital including the anesthetist and surgeon. You would have to be admitted to a hospital, out patients and trauma units are generally not considered a hospital event if you are not admitted.

medical aid comparisons hospital plan
hospital plan with savings

Hospital Plan with savings

These “hospital plans with savings” provide cover for services rendered in hospitals (both hospital and specialists incl.) and further provide a member with a limited savings account (normally available upfront) for day-to-day expenses (eg. GP, medicines, dentist,etc.).

Limited day to day cover

These hospital plans include Hospital Cover as well as a limited amount for day-to-day cover e.g. consultations and medicines. This can be in the form of a medical savings account and / or a traditional benefit, which will give specific annual limits per provider type i.e. doctors and dentistry.

limited day to day cover
gp network plan

GP Network Plan

Network Plans are generally designed for younger people entering the medical aid market for the first time or for those clients that have a limited medical aid budget. The Medical Aid companies generally contract with a group of hospitals and GP’s on a capitation* basis and in this way are able to offer medical cover at more affordable rates.

Comprehensive plan

Comprehensive Medical Aid plans have unlimited hospital cover and comprehensive day-to-day benefits. In new generation plans, initial claims will be funded from a medical savings account. Thereafter when all accumulated day-to-day claims reach a specified threshold, another risk benefit kicks in and continues to pay claims until the end of the year.

comprehensive plan

Have you considered Medical Aid Gap Cover?

medical aid comparisonsMore and more scheme members are finding they have to pay large Rand shortfalls out of their own pocket in respect of medical specialists accounts (ie surgeons, anaesthetists) for treatment while in hospital. Pensioners and seniors can also be covered and should take advantage of the “72+ years” Gap Cover packages available. So why not get an affordable plan and cover these costs.
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What our customers have to say:

I would like to comment on Ross’ service levels and his attention to detail and willingness to help. He has been a tremendous help to select a medical aid suited to me and he has taken the time to find appropriate comparisons and offering me the freedom of choice. Thank you Ross for your outstanding work!
Jaco C